Nasty little remarks to indulge with no moderation


This is not tango, it’s rhythmical gymnastics.

For a good girl, she definitely mixes with odd kinds of people.

So you’re a tango dancer… Otherwise, what do you do ?

Nastiness disguised as a compliment: It’s nice what she does with her legs, but have you noticed she never puts her heels down…

That guy is a narcissistic pervert, a maniac. He can’t help wooing every woman. After he charms her and gets what he wanted, he will dump her  and, believe me, he will not even dance with her any more.

I can’t believe it!! Tango Unione yesterday at the Chantier… Tonight at the Parloir! They are not real dancers… They talk, they sing (out of tune!). They are entertainers! If this is tango, then I’ll become a monk.

Judgment: This guy is weird. Have you seen him in milongas writing like an idiot in his notebooks  while drinking his 42nd coffee?  He writes about death, apparently… he’s crazy!

What is she doing with that mad guy? It’s a real pity…

They don’t do tango, it’s theatre! Pantomime!! Or whatever else it is!

Have you seen their website? It’s total nonsense, it’s so arrogant!