HÉ, HÉ !


Patrice Meissirel

resident here and there


Job position demanded: none

(too much work to waste time looking for some more)

Languages :

French: good

Spanish: I did not do well at school. That means…. almost nothing.

English: I write poems in English when I am in  good shape. Or if I am in love.

Italian: I am learning now. I like it.

Esperanto: not bad.


I had my secondary school certificate with « mention » (he-could-have-done-better)

Other training:

I have a cherry picker licence (but I lost it).

I did two workshops for the retrieval of driving licence points. 8 points totally (642 Euros!)

I attended a super hero training course for artists.

Professional experience:

I was a workman in several renowned factories around Tours (Butagaz, etc…). Year after year I became an excellent window cleaner. Very fast. I scoured the region of Tours with my ladder, in the company car. Fiat Fiorino: 1995-1999, then Kangoo: 2000-2003.

I was in fairgrounds too. I devoted myself to the assembly and disassembly of the bumper car rings.


I sing with a friend. We have two songs: Girl From North Country, Dylan and Jonny Cash version. And Love me Tender (Yeah! The King!). One day, like Nicolas Cage in Wild at Heart, I will sing it to the girl that I love. And then, I will marry her. For sure.

I am a collector too. I collect dreams (written) and lights (filmed). I really love this.


Argentinean tango high frequency. I am good at that.

Actor, scriptwriter, director of my own mime shows, sketches, movies and choreographies. And I also write (letters and love songs, poems, metaphysical essay…)

Health: not bad.

Mental health: uncertain.

Weak points: I am obsessive, compulsive, fanatic. Responsive. I easily inflame.

Strong points:  I am obsessive, compulsive,  fanatic. Responsive. I easily inflame.

I am hyperactive. I am gifted for plenty of things. I am a good guy, most of the time (on Sundays…)

Or :

Third person, yes sir!

Engaged in a troupe since he was 17 years old, Patrice Meissirel performs in a physical theatre company. Since 2000, he has developed a subtle and refined tango, learned with the main maestros like Juanito Juarez, Pablo Tegli, Vincent Morelle, Catherine Berbessou and Federico Moreno or Carlos Gavito (yes sir!). He has collaborated with Hanna Shygulla (yes sir!) in the opera Tango mon Amour, staged in Hannover in 2005.

He is now on a European tour with a musical show combining tango and pyrotechnics with the Co. Bilbobasso (yes sir!). He has taught regularly since 2004, in Paris, in Normandie, in Roma (yes sir!), stimulating a like for musical streak and the improvisation liking in many dancers.

His decisive encounter with the dancer Irene Moraglio (yes sir!) has allowed him to develop his creativity. They spend one year in Argentina where they deeply study tango salón and tango escenario with great maestros: Carlos Pérez and Rosa Forte, Juan Malizia and Manuela Rossi (yes sir!), Vanessa Villalba and Facundo Piñero, Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, Leandro Oliver and Laila Rezk, Mario Morales... Together, on the strength of their experience, they build a sweet, powerful and floating tango. An angel’s lace tango.

Your servant.

Giuro sulla testa di mia madre that everything is written on both CVs is scrupulously true and certified!! So…