Welcome to our world. Our work is an attempt to raise ourselves and spread our wings (like the bird).  We are very interested in the emotional and spectacular charge of tango, which can be extremely sweet and intimate, or highly powerful and exterior.  All these aspects inspire us. This is the reason why we don’t claim ourselves as followers of any specific style. We love dancing tango salón, in classic exhibitions and at the milonga, preparing escenário choreographies or dancing canyengue, the old style, as well as dancing in the street, on concrete and without pivots. We dance at all times in all places. We love the texts, the music, the poetry, the dance and its strange codes, the characters we come across and that we are, perhaps.  We love all that happens between l’Uomo e la Donna.

Musical Moment n°5: Calm me

                              or   A gentle creature    

Video recorded during the première, at a milonga:

Musical Moment n°1: Get me to sleep

                              or   The Sleepwalker    

Musical Moments

Video recorded at the Théâtre du Gymnase (Paris)

Musical Moment n° 4: Take me with you

                              or  The beauty & The rider    




It is the very substance of Tango Unione’s universe. To share our world with you, here are some examples of these musical moments (there are 9 in total). They are short sketches we either perform separately or in a single show. We have staged them in theatres, in milongas and in the street. They are short stories, tales that we tell you without words.

Musical Moment n°6: Disappear-me

                          or The beauty & The Magician    


Video recorded in Sestri Levante (Italy).

Tango escenario

Musical Moment n°7: Fly-Me

                              or   Str...Angel    


Musical Moment n°8: The imaginative invalid

                              or   Take care of me   


Tango escenario is stage tango. Choreographies that we rehearse thousands of times. When we make a tango performance, we usually improvise two songs and then finish with a well polished piece of choreography. This is what it looks like...

La Baldosa, Buenos Aires, 2014: Gallo Ciego


«Tango shows are for tourists and television! Real tango, coming from the heart, is improvised!». Ok, ok, but we do improvise too... And this is what it looks like...

Paris (2013)

Rome (2013)

We can also let ourselves go on classical music, «tango nuevo» style, or dance on a roof deck at night, in the cold...

Impro on Chopin (2012)

Derrière le moulin (2014)

And then

But especially!