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Vasto (Italy), on the 17th of August, concert-show Cuarteto del Angel & Tango Unione.

Paris (France), on the 31st of May, seminar at the Loft à Flot.

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Sestri Levante (Italy), on the 23rd of February, women technique seminar.

Seville (Spain), on the 5th of April, seminar and exhibition at El Corazón de la Milonga Sevilla.

Turin (Italy), on the 29th of June, Tango-theatre festival at Aldobaraldo.

Montreuil (France), on the 15th of February, première of the Musical Moment n°8:

The imaginative invalid, at the Chantier.

Paris (France), on the 8th & 9th of March, intensive seminar at the Cité Universitaire: how to dance the big classical orchestras.

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Buenos Aires (Argentina), on the 3rd of May, exhibition at the milonga

Buenos Aires (Argentina), on the 22nd of October, exhibition at the milonga Porteño y Bailarín.

Sestri Levante (Italy), on the 29th of December, seminar and avant-première of the Musical Moment n°8, at the Milonga del Niño.

Rome (Italy), on the 1st of January at Ketumbar,

                        4th & 5th of January at Studio Orizzonte

                        7th of January at the Caffè Letterario

                        in collaboration with the itinerant milonga of


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At the Dansoir (Paris, France), on the 28th of January, Musical Moment n°7: StrAngel.

Or Fly me.

"Dance performance, or take-off attempt of Tango Unione. The Angelo is a celestial creature.. With the lyrical singer Estelle Menu"


At the Théâtre de verre (Paris, France), on the 25th of January: Musical Moment n°6: Disappear me.

3rd of December:

Great opening evening at the Dansoir.

Irene & Patrice present their Musical Moment n°6:

Magic performance, with live music by Gonzalo Gudiño (piano) and Manuel Cedron (bandoneon).

Étampes (France), on the 4th and the 7th of December: Tango Unione at the psychiatric hospital:

Genoa (Italy), on the 23rd December: musical moment and workshop, for a Tango Libero Levante event at the «Milonga del Niño».

Perpignan (France), on the 15th and the 16th of December: musical moment and workshop, for a Mala Niña event.

Barcelona (Spain) on the 13rd of October: exhibition at the milonga La Pantera Rosa.

Saint-Étienne (France), on the 30th September:

We dance for the Virades de l’espoir:

Irene & Patrice present their Musical Moment n. 5:

When gentleness comes down from the sky to calm the anger.

Voice and rhythm effects within a dance performance. Accompanied by pianist Gonzalo Gudiño.

At the Parloir on the 28th of  September:

At the Chantier on the 27th of September:

Paris, on the 22nd of February:

Exhibition, for the première of the Step Dance milonga.

Roma (Italy), on the 21st & 22nd of april:

Performance during Ana Karina Rossi’s concert, at the Musei Capitolini.

Workshop in San Lorenzo and exhibition at the Teatro Golden.

Street show, Piazza Navona.

And at the Théâtre de Verre, on the 29th

of June.


France in July:

Guest artists at the Poudrière in Concarneau, from the 12th to the 16th

Guest artists at the Théâtre À Suivre, in Tours, from the 17th to the 22th

photo : 2bertini

Lisboa (Portugal) in August and September:

Musical street show, on the 2nd of September, Terreiro do Paço.

Exceptional event bringing together Tango Unione and unique musicians:

Ana Karina Rossi (voix)

Gonzalo Gudiño (piano)

Manolo Cedron (bandoneon)

Short and striking music show, a bit like a lively musical. Followed by a concert for dancing.


(our activities in pict

Paris in May:

On the 7th of May, première of Musical Moment n°4, at the Dansoir, Tango Sous Chapiteau.

On the 22nd of May, at Étampes (France).

Wonderful memory of an afternoon spent dancing in the psychiatric department of the:



                                                                                 (class and performance accompanied by the patients’ choir)

Tango Unione on show:


Paris in June:

Musical Moment n°1 & 4 at the Théâtre du Gymnase, on the 14th of June.